Love & Passion

Serving Family Recipes Since 2002

A family with a passion for food had a simple dream of opening a bakery. Knowing nothing about the business, the family acquires a franchise of a world-renowned bakery and café based in the bustling American city of Boston, Massachusetts. First opening in the metropolitan city of Jakarta, it drew people from all walks of life; who were delighted by what we sold. That smile became the driving force of the bakery until today.

The steady growth of the business inspired us to make our own brand (Delico). Passionate in sharing their wonderful new creations, we opened bakeries all over the city. Combining our western baking know-how, an understanding of the local market, the passion for great tasting food instilled and the hunger for innovation; we created a unique café experience with quality you can depend on and taste you can trust.

The company is still owned by the same family; and the love, passion and care are in the hearts and minds of each of everyone who works there. We are a big family of bakers with a love for amazing food. So don’t worry, when it comes to baking, we know what we are doing.

“Be a reason someone smiles” are words we all live by everyday. So every bread, pastry and even our pastas are made with warmth and care to make sure it makes a difference in your day.